The Name Change Kit For Brides
Order The Name Change Kit
Is a simple and quick step-by-step way to notify the bride's Federal, State and Local Governmental
Agencies and others as to name change due to marriage, even the hyphenation of name or the
change of marital status notification.

This Wedding Helpers Bride's Name Change Notification Kit comes in a Set of Three ...

Order The Name Change Kit For Brides

The Name Change Kit For Brides By The Wedding Helpers Includes....

Part One of Set of Three.....

1. 14 Pages of Simple " Step-by Step" Instructions on Whom to Notify , When and Where. Time
Saving Tips Are Included!

2. Official Governmental Agencies (Federal/State/ Local) Name Change and Address Change
Notification Forms!

3. 29 Specific " Fill In The Blank " Printable Name & Address Change Form Letters (for the
Bride, the Groom & the Minor Child of the Bride/Groom).

29 " Fill In The Blank " Notification Form Letters to .... Banks, Doctors, Private/ Business Post Boxes,
Credit Bureaus, Landlord, Attorney, Stock Broker, Trading & Investments Accounts, Employer (s),
Clubs, Misc. Professional & Personal Memberships, Personal and Professional Mail Delivery Services,
Subscriptions, Schools Attended (High School College/Graduate or Post Graduate Schools), Utilities ,
Misc. Groups, Credit Card Companies , & Many More. Quick & Easy to Fill Out!

4. "Just Married " postcard templates, announcing change of marital status and name change.

5.Toll Free -1 800 The Name Change Kit Question Hotline (TM) 1 800- 274 0675
        Part Two of Set of Three - The Name Change Kit Planner

Purse sized planner book with checklist designed to cover each part of the bride name change
notification process. Checklists in this planner book are also helpful to the groom, as he notifies
regarding change of marital status.

Part Three of Set of Three - Name Change Fillable Forms Letter CD Software
Companion Includes...(Compatible with Mac or P )

1. 29 Computer Fillable & Printable
Name Change Notification Forms for the Bride, Groom & Even the Child/Children of the Bride or

2. Computer Fillable & Printable Governmental Forms Passport, IRS, Social Security, Voters
& More

3. 1,000's of Phone Fax Numbers, Mail & E-Mail Addresses for Governmental Agencies, i.e.,
DMV, Passport , Social

4. Honeymoon Visa Requirements - World-Wide Helpful in Planning an Overseas Honeymoon .
Plus, Interesting Travel Tips For Honeymooners !

5. Multi-Media Courses On Name Change Notification
Security, Vital Records , & Others Forms Filling 101 & Other Informational Courses. Music, Narration ,
Etc. Are Featured

6. Marriage License Information & Mailing Addresses/Phone Numbers etc., Of Marriage
License Issuing Bureaus Nationwide (Helpful In Applying For A Marriage License)

7. Helpful Hints On How To Obtain A Honeymoon Passport Quickly, & Other Bride Name
Change Related Helps!

8. The Name Change Kit Tracker

An On-line Personal Name Change Notebook Tracking System

Used By Bride To Track Name Change

Used By Groom To Track Change Of Marital Status Notification

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