Unity candle ceremony for your wedding

January 10th, 2008

The unity candle is a unique representation of joining two lives into one.  It is commonly used in indoor wedding ceremonies and consists of two taper candles with one larger candle in the middle.  During the ceremony, the bride and groom each take one of these taper candles and light the middle unity candle simultaneously representing that they now are “one”.

Unity candles can be purchased in many different gift shops, bridal stores and online for a sometimes a wider variety.  Most of the time they are sold as sets of three or in larger sets that include more candles.   Unities can often be monogrammed with the bride and groom initials, names and/or date of wedding.  Often a Bible verse or other verses come on the unity.

For those not looking for a monogram unity, you can find many styles to fit your wedding ceremony style.  Unities and tapers are often carved with designs such as calla lily flowers, swirls and many others.  Other themes include: seashells, satin bows, flowers, pearls and many more.

Unity candle holders come as bases with  three piece holders for unity and tapers.  These can be found in an abundance of themes such as: hearts, carved ceramic flowers, fairy-tale horses with carriage, doves, couples and glass designs.

Wedding cake toppers

December 3rd, 2007

You have a beautiful cake prepared for your wedding and what better way to show it off than to have a delightful cake top.  Today, there are hundreds of different styles of cake toppers to choose from and not all of them have to cost very much.

Fresh flowers make an elegant topper and add decorations to each tier as well.  You can ask your florist for ideas and photos of how you would like your cake to look and that will fit within your budget.  Your florist will also be able to give you an idea which flowers will be all right to placed on the cake as some flowers can be toxic.

Alot of people choose to use a combination of fresh flowers and add their own cake top.  There are many different style themes in ceramic or blown glass including bride and groom figurines, hearts, cherubs, castles and many more designs.

Monogram letters are becoming a popular alternative for cake tops.  These monogrammed letters are usually made of plastic silver or white finish and include a letter representing the couples’ first and last name.  There are monogram toppers that come silver plated and with authentic crystals for an even more upscale look.

Bridal accessories

November 9th, 2007

Bridal accessories are the small essential items that the bride will be requiring on her wedding day.  Here are a some accessories that may help the bride-to-be:

Garters - The garter has been worn by brides during the wedding ceremony and used after for the garter toss tradition.  Some brides choose their garter in a blue color for “something blue” and others purchase a separate garter used for tossing.

Purse - While having a purse isn’t necessarily essential for a bride, it can be helpful if you need to carry items that may come in handy such as lipstick, makeup, brush, handkerchief and many other small items.

Shoes and jewelry - Brides can purchase wedding shoes from bridal shops, on the internet and shoe stores.  You may want to choose a shoe pattern similar to your gown and many bridal shoes can be dyed to match difficult colors.  The decision on how much jewelry to wear depends on the taste of the individual and how formal the gown.  Most brides do wear a necklace and earring set while some add additional bracelets and hair jewelry.

Wedding guest books

September 23rd, 2007

If your looking for a unique item for your guests to sign for your wedding, you will want to include a guest book. Guest books give your guests the opportunity to sign their names as well as write something memorable for the bride and groom on their special day.

You can find many different unique styles of guest books and many to the theme of your wedding. Many designs today include seashells, floral patterns, silk flowers, ribbons, butterflies and many more. Most guest books come with matching pen holder set and some may have the option to be monogrammed with names and date of wedding.

There are some other unique options for your guests to sign at your wedding. One is a guest book plate. This is an oval or round plate you can purchase from bridal stores that comes with a permanent black marker specially designed to write on porcelain. These also make unique gifts and can be used for anniversaries and other parties. Do you have a favorite photo of you and your fiancee? There are guest book frames you can purchase that come with surrounding mat for picture that guests can write on then later you can put under glass and frame.

Wedding toasting flutes

September 23rd, 2007

For years couples have been using wedding flutes or glasses to toast with on their wedding day.  They are often used as a champagne toast to the bride and groom and can be purchased in a variety of styles to your liking.

Toasting glasses or flutes are generally made of glass, lead crystal or silver and most can be engraved with the bride and groom’s names and date of wedding.  You may choose to decorate the stems with silk ribbon, fresh flowers or charms.  Toasting glasses often come with matching cake server sets that can be purchased additionally.

You may want to look out for toasting glasses designed in the theme for your wedding.  For instance if you are having a beach or nautical wedding, some goblets come with seashell designed bases.  If your wedding flowers are your theme, you can find some unique calla lily or rose designed bases.  Also, keep an eye out for wedding accessory kits which can include matching items such as toasting glasses, cake server sets, guest book, pen, garters and ring pillows.

Advantages to printing your own invitations

September 3rd, 2007

Ordering invitations for an event can be a tedious task.  You may not be sure how your invitations will look once they are printed.  It may be that your budget cannot accommodate all the cards and printing costs.  If you have the time, and don’t mind the effort, then printing your invitations is the direction you may want to go.

First off, printing your own invitations does not necessarily save a ton of cost compared to ordering them out, but it does cut alot of the labor and printing costs.  First you will need to decide on which paper to print your invitations on.  Specialty papers can often be ordered and the prices can vary from cheap to expensive.  Alot of vendors and stores are carrying wedding invitation kits.  These kits come in sets of 10, 25 or 50 blank invitations, response folders and envelopes in choice of designs.  It makes sense to purchase more than needed in case of printing errors.

Another advantage to creating your own invitations is that you can proof them right after printing and be able to make any corrections if needed.  You might want to show them to your family members or friends to get their imput.

Direction cards

September 3rd, 2007

How important are having separate direction cards to go with your invitations? Well, it is always a good idea to be able to show guests how to get to your wedding and/or reception. Direction cards are small cards with directions on the front that you slip inside your wedding invitations.

Direction cards can be created a few different ways. The less time consuming way would be to have them professionally printed with font and color style of choice. You can either draw out a map or simply type out the directions and submit them to your printer. You can save some cost by printing these yourself on your paper of choice. You only need to send out one direction card per invitation.

On your direction cards, you might want to include a list of local accommodations where your guests can stay. This can be printed on the opposite site of the direction card.

Why order wedding accessories with wedding invitations?

September 2nd, 2007

What are wedding accessories? Wedding accessories are the essential items you will need for your wedding such as guest books, cake servers, toasting flutes and favors. Let us not also forget bridal accessories like garters, purses, bridal jewelry and more.

So why should you order these accessories with your wedding invitations? The reason may be obvious - you save money and time. Alot of wedding invitation companies provide wedding accessories as an added feature so you can order everything at one time for your convenience. This saves additional shipping and tax (if applied) costs. Some online vendors offer discounts on invitations as well as accessory items so that is an additional bonus.

Some invitations, especially theme-based, have matching wedding accessories that you can purchase so you will want to look for those. They are often featured on the same page as the invite.

How soon should I send out my wedding invitations?

September 2nd, 2007

This is a question people frequently ask. Wedding invitations should be ordered about 3-4 months before the wedding. Why so soon? Because you want to allow enough time to make your selection, order samples (if purchasing online), and processing time. Mail in orders can sometimes take up to a few weeks to process and ship. Online orders typically take around 4-5 business days to print.

You need to take the time to and send out all your invitations to all your friends/family and give them time to respond with how many persons in their party will be attending. This is why invitations should ideally be sent out 4-8 weeks before the date of the wedding. Thank you notes for wedding and bridal shower gifts should be sent out as soon as possible after you receive your gifts.

Should I order my wedding invitations online?

September 2nd, 2007

You might be asking, “should I order my invitations over the internet?” The answer would depend on many factors, some of which will be discussed. There are, however, many advantages to ordering your wedding invitations online.

Ordering your invitations online usually has faster turnaround time. The reason for this is you are placing your order directly on the website so orders get processed sooner than mail in orders. Orders placed online generally take around a few days in house to process and print and then are shipped out right away. Mail in orders take up to a few weeks. Depending on what shipping option you choose, you should receive them anywhere from 1-3 business days from ship date.

Another reason for ordering online is most websites offer wording and verse selections that you can use or can help you in customizing your invitations. Also, you are able to receive a proof prior to printing to make sure your invitations are the way you expect them to look. This also allows you to have the option to make any changes you wish before printing.

You might be asking how you will be able to see what your invitation card looks like before ordering. Many online vendors allow you to order samples of as many invitations as you wish to be able to see them up front before making your selection.

There is also the concern most people have about their credit card information being secure while ordering online. Actually, your credit card information is always placed online at a secure server site where all your credit card and personal information remains encrypted.